Today the Vancouver DJ industry is saturated with startup/bedroom DJs and this makes it hard to find a good dance music service with the necessary skills to read and entertain your crowd. We have some tips here about some of questions to ask prospective DJ services. We ourselves have performed everywhere from Vancouver's finest ballrooms to your neighbour's backyard and we work hard to make it a floorshaker every time. No matter what size or style of event we promise on time and well mannered professional service. Try us out for your next Christmas or Holiday Party/Special Event!

Questions to ask prospective DJ entertainment providers.

  • Tell me a little about your style. (Professional)
  • What would you say are your biggest strengths? (Personality and musical knowledge)
  • I went to an event where hardly anyone danced. What's your secret to getting people on the dancefloor? (Work up the mood of your guests even before the opening up of dancing)
  • Do you play music that we want to hear? Do you have songs that are proven winners for specific events? Do you take requests? (We take your preplanned and dance floor requests and our selection of winners that we blend together from the start of your event all the way to the end of your evening)
  • How do you dress? (We dress as you prefer)
  • Do you own your own equipment and do you have backup equipment if something goes wrong? (Yes)
  • What is your price range? How does your price range stack up compared to other DJ's in town? Most  DJs charge from a low of $500.- to the $1500.- or more range. (We have great value packages.)
  • Do you have a business license? (Yes)
  • Are there any hidden costs that will pop up later? (No)                 
  • Will you schedule a consultation to meet with us so that we might be able to gauge your professionalism and ascertain what you can do for us? (Yes)
  • Do you have professional grade sound equipment?  (The best.)
  • Are you carrying liability insurance in case of any accidents during the event? (Yes)
  • Will we be able to get everything in writing in the form of a music contract? (Yes)
  • What features are included in your pricing and what is not? (Our packages are all-inclusive)

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