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We want everyone to know that we are available to totally rock every high school in BC with our amazing top of the line sound systems, wild light shows and absolutely wicked DJs! Only the best DJs will do for us and our crowds. It's a big province and there are a lot of high schools who are looking to have a real dance party for a change...and Dancetrax wants to be there to make it happen! We all know all schools look for a good dollar value while at the same time keeping an eye open for a dance production that combines absolutely clear and powerful sound, awesome lighting and a great overall production. Be the hero and not the zero at the next dance event you want to have succeed and make it happen by hiring the pros! The Vancouver Mainland, Vancouver Island, The Okanagan, Whistler, The Kootenays...all places to be thrown down and completely satisfied by the end of their event!


The success of any high school dance or grad comes down to the entertainment. This is why we have created DTX Schools division that's completely dedicated to school dances. We are the school dance specialists bar none! Hyping the dance floor with jaw-dropping lights and awesome remixes and mashups. We transform your party venue into a high tech dance club!

We spend many hours working on our music to obtain super clean edits and being pros we know how to rock the crowd bringing on the ultra energy vibe and maintaining it to the end. We bring that same intense vibe to every school dance we do with consistency! Every year...year after year...we're re-booked for the same high school school Grads. The reason is that organizers appreciate our efforts and rely on us for the positive result. Thanks to our loyal customers we've been able to establish a solid reputation you can absolutely take to the bank.

Dancetrax has several prepared options that enables you to customize your event by choosing your sound system and lighting, incorporating musicvideos and visuals and/or optionally having overhead trussing in an X or H shaped configuration and more! We use our complete light shows to create a total venue transformation for your chosen theme!

Here are some prepared packages as options to choose from for your dance or alternatively we can interchange, upgrade and/or customize components accordingly.

Prepared Packages


"Dynamo" Package – Great for Grads!

2x JBL-PRX-515 15" speakers w/ 2x JBL-PRX-518 18" Subs. 6x LED uplights, 8x high-end FX Lighting w/ lasers and scanners.

"Club Night" Package – Awesome sound and lights!

4x JBL-PRX-515 speaker system w/ 4x 15" speakers & 2x JBL-PRX-518 w/ 2x18" Subs. 10 LED uplights,16 high-end FX Lighting w/ lasers, projectors and scanners on overhead 24' of professional grade trussing.


"2Crazee4U" Package – Intense sound and over-the-top light show

2x JBL-SRX-725 speaker system w/ 4x 15" speakers & 2x JBL-PRX515 speaker system w/ 2x 15" speakers.10 LED uplights, 24 high-end FX lighting w/ lasers, strobes, projectors and scanners on 24' of overhead trussing as well as dance floor panels.



"SubzSonic" PackageThumping bass and awesome lights!

2x JBL-SRX-725 speaker system w/ 4x 15" speakers & 2x JBL-SRX-728 Subs w/ 4x 18" Subs. 4x JBL-PRX 515 speaker system w/ 4x 15" speakers. 10 LED uplights, 32 high-end FX lighting w/ lasers, projectors, strobes, scanners on 24' of overhead trussing as well as dance floor panels.


Tickets included with Dynamo Package.

Tickets/Posters included with Club Night/2Crazee4U/SubzSonic Packages.

E-mail us at to discuss what we can do to make your next school dance or Graduation stand out and become the best ever! We won't cut corners!