Above---Reception at the Bonniebrook Lodge (35 person reception---large or small---we do them all).

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We have advanced and up-to-date JBL and Crown sound equipment, highest quality light and video gear, backup equipment, and full coverage liability insurance. As we own all our equipment, we take great care and pride in our sound and lighting systems. Although our unique talents, expertise and musical abilities come first, our equipment are the tools we use to perform. Backup equipment is built into each system assuring a seamless, trouble-free performance every time.

Custom Lighting and AV Services…..featuring

Deluxe Uplighting Package for Weddings

We include 6 or more uplights with each package that we offer giving an elegant and eye-pleasing colour wash for your event venue. Uplighting brings your reception to life and the secret lies in the type of lighting, where to place the lights and using it to boost the already beautiful aspects of your wedding reception. Lights are placed on the ground facing the walls or a specific area of the room you would like to illuminate. We use L.E.D. lighting for most events as they are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options as they emit virtually no heat and draw very little energy. They are the latest in event lighting having very saturated and deep colours. The most popular effect is to use them to provide washes of colour or colours around the room. They can be set either to a static colour or fade through different colours at varying speeds. You'll enjoy your favourite colour placed all around your venue!

Video Projection System for Weddings and Events

A Canon 3500 Lumens DLP high resolution video projector, 8x10 foot Projection Tripod Screen + MacBook Pro Computer or DVD player for your slide show, presentation or other media event. Includes equipment Rental, Setup/Takedown, Interface with the main sound system and operation during the reception or event.

Custom Monograms for Weddings and Events

We can procure customized mongrams for wedding receptions or corporate logos in a variety of styles. The monogram can be projected and rotated on the ceiling of a large tent or ballroom. This can be an awesome added touch for the couple that likes a stylish and splashy wedding reception.

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